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Foster Productions is the product of an empowered family who after taking in and fostering over 8 kids in need of help, decided to venture out into new forms of positive impact by creating a Production Company keen on making a difference in the Entertainment Industry, by creating opportunities for a worldwide group of diverse up and coming artists, visionaries and storytellers.
Building an incredible dream team that works as a family to bring inspiring stories to life!


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Maria Jose Michelucci

Executive Producer / Founder

Maria Jose Michelucci is the founder of Foster Productions and has Executive Produced over three features in the last two years!



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Gonzalo Martin

Producer / Founder

Gonzalo Martin is one of the Founders and Main Producer for Foster Productions. He has taken the lead on two of the companies productions and is keen to continue to produce more!

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Guillermo Noriega

Head Writer

Guillermo Noriega is Foster Productions lead Writer. He has written Back to Lyla, as well as four shows and features that Foster Productions is eager to produce!

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Foster Productions

Production Company

12655 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90068

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